9 Reasons to Attend a Sparkle & Savor Dinner

This holiday season looks both merry and bright, with a decadence that only the Solage Calistoga might bring. It’s the perfect chance to experience and indulge in an evening of culinary celebration with a selection of celebrity chefs from around the world!

The merriment is set to begin over the weekend of Thanksgiving and continue clear up until the New Year begins in 2016, and why not?! The holidays are not just a season to be thankful, but also a season to give, experience, and celebrate our successes of the year.

The Sparkle & Savor holiday series is an opportunity to experience delightful dishes divined by world-renowned chefs, paired with expressive champagnes and sparkling wines, all while contributing to the Calistoga Education Foundation and a well-rounded evening of community-conscious holiday cheer.

Celebrity Chefs, you say?

The lineup of culinary talents is unbelievable, and simply can’t be missed. No matter your culinary inclinations, the Sparkle & Savor event has an evening for you. I could go on, but the selection need only speak for itself.

Chefs Hung Huynh & Kenneth Myszka

Reason 1: Chef Hung Huynh (November 28)

A Bravo Top Chef winner who has been everywhere from Manhattan to Las Vegas, and is known for building a culinary empire. He learned all of his best tricks from his grandmother. Chef Huynh emphasizes a unique type of Vietnamese-American fusion.

Reason 2: Chef Kenneth Myszka (November 28)

Chef Kenneth Myszka started out as just a small- town guy from Illinois, who wound up training under top chefs such as Thomas Keller and Guy Savoy. He left all of the glitz & glam of Las Vegas to begin realizing his newfound dream of a true ‘farm to fork’ restaurant. He’s environmentally conscious and on a mission to overhaul the restaurant business.

Chef Rapheal Francois

Reason 3: Chef Raphael Francois (December 5)

Raphael Francois is an accomplished chef with 2 Michelin stars under his belt and a deep affection for all things food. He was born in Belgium and has made a name for himself on both sides of the Atlantic. He exercises an “honest and classical French technique with a modernist touch”. He even admits to wearing Speedo’s to the beach in the summer. He also begs you to not tease him about it.

Chef Michael Gulotta of MOPHO

Reason 4: Chef Michael Gulotta (December 12)

Chef Michael Gulotta graduated from the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute and began training under Chef John Besh. He even trained in the Italian Riviera and Germany’s Black Forest. A lovely Southern chef with a penchant for fusing Southeast Asian cuisine with a Louisiana pantry, he named his restaurant MoPho.

Chef Casey Thompson

Reason 5: Chef Casey Thompson (December 19)

Casey Thompson is a Bravo Top Chef contender who spent years studying food and wine in the Napa Valley, ultimately moving on to open successful restaurants in Texas and California. She has a background in southern style and French cuisine, and studied under Chef Dean Fearing.

Chef David Nayfield of Che Fico

Reason 6: Chef David Nayfeld (December 22)

With numerous Michelin stars under his belt in Manhattan and Las Vegas, Chef David Nayfeld is no amateur. He has worked at some of the best restaurants in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. He admits that his true passion is for more rustic cuisine, as is well represented by his new restaurant opening in San Francisco, Che Fico, which means ‘that’s cool’.

Chef Gustavo Rios of Evangeline

Reason 7: Chef Gustavo Rios (December 29)

Chef Gustavo Rios cultivates an air of mystery, except when it comes to his culinary offerings, which are described as being “thoughtfully created.” As the executive chef at the Evangeline, a “French bistro with a Creole soul,” Chef Rios is sure to surprise and delight you.

 Chefs Brandon Sharp and Sally Camacho

Reason 8: Chef Brandon Sharp (December 31)

Chef Brandon Sharp has been accredited with helping put Calistoga on the culinary map, but if that isn’t enough, he is a six-time Michelin starred culinary artist. Even more impressive, he has been dubbed one of the top 25 hottest chefs in America!

Reason 9: Pastry Chef Sally Camacho (December 31)

Chef Sally Camacho was a top contender in Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts, and has been named a “Top 10 National Pastry Chef”. It’s possible that the best has been saved for last – as is desirable when we’re talking about desserts.

It’s time to Wine & Dine like never before

Reserve your tickets now, and add a room while you’re at it. Each event is limited to 50 seats, and space is limited! Your exclusive Sparkle & Savor event needn’t end at dessert. Let yourself relish this extraordinary experience by turning an evening into a weekend of unforgettable memories by checking into the Solage Calistoga!

Spend the night resting and the day indulging at the Solage Calistoga’s artfully designed and environmentally conscious spa. You’ll find a wide range of therapeutic and restorative services to send 2015 out with a sigh of delight, and bring 2016 in with a giddy burst of glee.