SolSun: The Art of Wellness at Solage and Sundance Resorts

Two is better than one, especially when it comes to a refreshing twist on the typical destination retreat.

Napa Valley’s Solage Calistoga and Robert Redford’s Sundance Mountain Resort will co-host SolSun:The Art of Wellness at Solage and Sundance, July 20-23 at Solage and October 19-22 at Sundance. This is a retreat that will invite and encourage those who attend to widen their horizons and deepen the strength of their bodies, minds, and souls. If all you have been waiting for is an invitation to increase your mental, spiritual or emotional health through a truly restorative and rejuvenating experience, consider this our sincere invitation. “We are delighted to be partnering with Sundance to offer these unique and compelling wellness programs,” said Richard Hill, president of Solage Hotels & Resorts. “Together we are providing our guests and members with unparalleled experiences that feature our resort offerings within the natural beauty of our respective destinations.”

This is one invigorating and refreshing retreat you won’t want to miss. By combining the relaxation of a resort experience with the creative stimulation of the mind and soul, we are presenting a truly unique and memorable experience, and there is no better partner for Solage than Sundance. When you think about Solage, your mind sifts between memories and dreams of soaking in the geo-thermal pool, getting a signature mud treatment, working out with some of the most elite and extensive fitness programs that all invigorate your body and mind. Like Solage, Sundance is uniquely suited to creative wellness, and it’s eco-friendly spa and emphasis on personal expression through painting, pottery and jewelry-making classes, theatre performances and lectures from prominent authors go hand in hand will all that is loved about Napa Valley’s Solage. With this match made in heaven, SolSun retreat will be able to will focus perfectly on developing creative skills, restoring physical and emotional wellness and discovering the immense beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

SolSun will feature many revitalizing activities, created to not just rest your body and mind, but to be restorative and nurturing to both. Participants will spend each day indulging in a signature spa service, before participating in selected workshops on photography, creative writing, journaling, drumming, watercolor, charcoal drawing, pilates, yoga, Barre Fusion, and mindful meditation. There will even be keynote remarks from wellness and creativity thought leaders that will help you to get the most, not only from the retreats, but to open your mind with ways to improve and richen your own lifestyle after the retreat comes to a close. This is the perfect retreat to allow your inner creativity out and discover a love of all the things that bring richness, health and joy to your life.

The first part of the retreat will occur July 20-23, 2015 at Solage Calistoga. Situated on 22-acres and surrounded by panoramic mountains and picturesque vineyards in the heart of California wine country, Solage Calistoga is the flagship resort for Solage Hotels & Resorts. With 89 contemporary guest studios, the resort is home to Solbar, a six-time Michelin Star-rated restaurant and the award-winning Spa Solage with 20,000 square feet of health and wellness. Since opening in 2007, Solage Calistoga has garnered numerous industry awards, including recent appearances on the Condé Nast Traveler 2014 Gold List and Travel + Leisure’s 2014 World’s Best Awards.

The Art of Wellness will continue in October from the 19 to the 22 later on this year. Founded by Robert Redford in 1969, Sundance is a destination resort located on 5,000 acres of preserved wilderness nestled into the beautiful mountains of Utah Valley. Sundance is dedicated to maintaining the balance of art, nature and community, and offers diverse mountain recreation experiences to encourage the cultivation of art and self-expression.

If there is anything that Solage and Sundance resorts are as dedicated to as the physical and emotional wellbeing of their guests, it’s the wellbeing of this great earth we live on. So we felt it was only natural that we donate ten percent of the proceeds to the Napa Valley Land Trust and the Sundance Preserve, in line with both resorts’ commitment to environmental responsibility.

Whether you’re reaching the end of your emotional rope, or finding your body tired and frustrated, the SolSun: The Art of Wellness retreat is the perfect way to discover new possibilities and higher aspirations. Contact us to reserve your place in this magnificent retreat.

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